No signs of Iranian missiles being used by Russia in Ukraine

Oleksii Danilov
Oleksii Danilov

“We don’t see Iranian missiles yet, although there’s been talk of that for 3-4 months – (Iranian assistance to Moscow) remains limited to Shaheed (kamikaze drones),” said Danilov.

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He added that Russia attempting to source ballistic missiles from Iran and other countries suggests it lacks the capacity to produce high-precision weapons domestically.

“We’ll tell our people and the whole world if there are Iranian or (North) Korean missiles present,” the secretary concluded, saying that “certain events and processes” are underway in Iran.

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On Jan. 28, Iranian social media were awash with footage of explosions at several military facilities across the country. The Wall Street Journal subsequently reported that an ammunition factory in Isfahan was hit in an apparent attack. The site is near the Iranian Aerospace Research center, which, according to the United States, is involved in Tehran’s ballistic missile program.

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AP later reported Israel was behind the attacks, although Israeli officials did not confirm this. Iran claims it as successfully repelled a drone attack at one of its military enterprises.

Ukraine’s Air Force spokesman Yuri Ihnat said the explosions in Iran are a direct consequence of Tehran’s foreign policy, as it continues to supply Russia with weapons to use against Ukraine.

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