No, Somalia Is Not Poised for Economic Success

Saeed S. Ibrahim

On January 12, Ali Sharif Ahmed, Somalia’s ambassador to the United States, penned an article suggesting Somalia had turned the corner and is poised for success, so long as American taxpayers grant it $1 billion in debt relief.

Alas, many of his declarations appear completely disconnected from reality.

There is no conspiracy against Somalia to deny its rightful place; but the problems Somalia faces—corruption, insecurity, and increasingly dictatorship—are of its own making.

Ambassador Ahmed targets Dr. Michael Rubin for pointing out that the Republic of Somaliland is more peaceful, secure, and democratic than areas controlled by the Somali government in Mogadishu. It is a truism that officials opt for ad hominem attacks when they are unable to win a debate on its merits. Alas, the ambassador must have missed other prominent news outlets that agree with Rubin’s grim assessment of Somalia’s progress against terror. Let me cite only a few of the dozens of such analysis:

1. Somali Terror Group Al Shabab Remains Resilient Despite Setbacks

2. The Somali government’s attention is not focused on defeating al Shabaab

3. 2019 saw record U.S. airstrikes in Somalia. Why is al-Shabab surging?

It is disingenuous at best to claim that the Federal Government of Somalia under President Mohamed Farmajo’s leadership has made any considerable gains against Al-Shabaab who not only have frequently slaughtered scores of civilians but has brazenly killed even government officials in their heavily guarded offices.

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