No Swampscott Police Station Trick-Or-Treating Due To Coronavirus

Scott Souza
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SWAMPSCOTT, MA — Swampscott police said they will not be able to open the doors of the station to trick-or-treaters this year as they urge a safe Halloween for families.

"To adapt to the times of this year, let's adjust Halloween slightly so it can still be a fun and safe time for our children and families," Swampscott police posted on their Facebook page.

While Swampscott has not canceled trick-or-treating in neighborhoods this year amid the coronavirus, they did issue a series of guidelines — which mirror Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines — they are asking residents to read and consider.

Under the CDC guidelines, traditional trick-or-treating — where children go from door to door at strangers' homes and take candy from a communal basket — is considered a "higher-risk" activity.

Indoor costume parties are also strongly discouraged and anyone feeling illness symptoms is
urged to stay home.

Groups should be kept small — 10 or less and consisting of household members is recommended — and hand sanitizer should be carried. Groups should stay at least 6 feet away from each other outdoors.

Those handing out candy should consider placing it on a table outside instead of a basket or bucket at the door.

Those handing out candy are advised to wear masks, while proper face masks should be incorporated into costumes.

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