'No question' Trump worsened anti-Asian sentiment: WH

Former Republican President Donald Trump has been repeatedly accused of racism over his use of labels such as the "China virus" when referring to the coronavirus pandemic.

Video Transcript

- Why does the president think attacks on Asian-Americans are increasing in this country?

- You know, I think there's no question that some of the damaging rhetoric that we saw during the prior administration, blaming, calling COVID the Wuhan virus or other things, led to perceptions of the Asian-American community that are inaccurate, unfair, have raised threatening-- has elevated threats against Asian-Americans. And we're seeing that around the country. That's why even before the horrific events of last night, he felt it was important to raise this issue, elevate it during his first prime-time address while he signed the executive order earlier in his presidency. And he will continue to look for ways to elevate and talk about this issue.