No vaccine appointment required at 25 locations as eligibility expands in NY

The number of vaccination sites that will not require an appointment for some New Yorkers has increased to 26. And seniors' companions, such home health aides, are now eligible to get a vaccine at those sites as well.

Video Transcript

- We're going to turn now to the pandemic and the country getting closer to vaccinating all adults. Just a short while ago, President Biden announced the April 19 deadline for States to open up vaccinations to all adults.

- That announcement from the president coming on the same day New York already did that. Teenagers, 16 and older, now rolling up their sleeves to get shots. That started last week in Connecticut, and New Jersey officials now say they're on track for the April 19 deadline for everybody.

- ABC's reporter, Josh Einiger, is live at the Javits Center, where some young folks got vaccinated today. Josh,

JOSH EINIGER: Liz, it was exactly a year ago that we were standing here in front of the Javits Center as they wheeled in hospital beds to turn the facility into a field hospital for overflow patients at the worst of the crisis. A year later, the fact that any New Yorker over 16 can come here or elsewhere in the State for a life-saving vaccine sure is a huge step.

- Are you ready?

JOSH EINIGER: These days, the picture from many hospitals is downright joyous.

BRIANA JUSTICE: Feels great. I can finally go on vacations.

JOSH EINIGER: On Long Island this morning, 16-year-old Briana Justice became one of New York's first teens to get the shot.

BRIANA JUSTICE: I feel like kids my age, they're at the age where they want to go out the most. They want to hang out with their friends, go to the parks, go to amusement parks, go to the movies, and you can't necessarily do that because we're still in the middle of a pandemic.

ANDREW CUOMO: Today, every person in the State of New York over 16 years old is eligible for the vaccine. There is no excuse.

JOSH EINIGER: In more than half the country, all adults are now eligible for vaccination, thanks to a huge boost in supply giving local governments the resources to mass inoculate.

- One of our vaccinators will sit here.

JOSH EINIGER: The city today unveiled a fleet of buses that will travel to underserved neighborhoods.

BILL DE BLASIO: Walk-up opportunities--

JOSH EINIGER: Along with plans to open 25 centers for seniors, to walk in and get their shot. No appointments needed.

JOE BIDEN: We've passed 150 million yesterday.

JOSH EINIGER: President Biden had urged States to open eligibility to all Americans by the beginning of May, and most already have, with a final handful, including New Jersey, releasing their supply in the next two weeks.

- Do you have an appointment?

JOSH EINIGER: But it comes amid great urgency, with viral variants swirling across the country, responsible for increased infection and death rates. Many of the nation's most vulnerable have already been inoculated, but the president insists that doesn't mean the crisis is over.

JOE BIDEN: The virus is spreading because we have too many people who've seen the end in sight, think we're at the finish line already. But let me be deadly earnest with you, we aren't at the finish line.

JOSH EINIGER: Here in New York, more than 10 million people have gotten their first shot. More than 20% of new Yorkers have both shots of the vaccine. There is still so far to go, but the progress is undeniable.