No Yolanda Adams Slander Shall Prosper: Tamron Hall Puts Kim Burrell In Her Place In The Most Classy Way Possible

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We all need friends like Tamron Hall. Gospel music artist Kim Burrell visited Tamron Hall and spoke about the recent backlash she felt from the gospel community after controversial comments she made this summer, referring to a churchgoer as “ugly.”

Blavity previously covered Burrell’s fall from grace after she made homophobic comments during a New Year’s Eve sermon in 2017. Due to her past anti-LBGTQ comments, Burrell lost her television and radio shows, and was uninvited to award ceremonies.

On her talk show, Hall allowed Burrell to fully explain her thoughts behind the current negatively perceived viral moment. Burrell stated, “I’ve been in the church too long. I’ve held on to my faith too long to deliberately hurt people.”

The music artist continued, “I’m not in any way mentally, spiritually, physically challenged to the degree that I have to choose people to be mean to.”

Burrell went on to say that she thinks her intentions behind her statements were misunderstood. “My intentions were pure. I was making an analogy. I was honoring the pastor and making an analogy about his personality; I just didn’t word it to where they could understand.”

Later in the segment, Burrell mentioned that after the fallout she felt the most shade from people within the gospel industry. This included some of her friends, such as Yolanda Adams.

She shared her thoughts on Adams, who Burrell said distanced herself after the viral moment.

“I was disappointed because we’ve all shared the same stage, back rooms and greenrooms. And some of their public display in conversation is somewhat opposite of what it is behind stage.”

“I would’ve much preferred — especially dealing with gospel [artist], Yolanda Adams; we’re both from Houston, Texas — to pick up the cell phone and say, ‘Hey, I have a career to save and I can’t agree with your stance right now. I need to say something different to my public.’ I would’ve preferred that,” Burrell continued.

Before Burrell could go any further, Hall quickly cleared up any negative talk toward Adams.

“And let me be clear here, Yolanda is a friend of mine as well. I am also from Texas.” Hall added. “What I was asking … you said there was more of a backstory to what you said on the pulpit, not the interpersonal relations of two people.”

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