NOAA Claps Back At Trump And His Climate Change Doubts

As the polar vortex brought record-breaking cold temperatures to the Midwest, President Donald Trump tweeted on Monday: 

The tweet prompted a number of retorts, many of which suggested that the president educate himself about the difference between climate and weather:

One of the more surprising responses came from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the government agency that deals with the conditions of the oceans, major waterways and the atmosphere. The National Weather Service is part of NOAA.

NOAA tweeted a simple cartoon that explained how the warming of the oceans could lead to bigger snowfalls in the winter. And it included a link to an article on with the headline “Are record snowstorms proof that global warming isn’t happening?”

Trump has repeatedly called global warming a “hoax.” He also withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement shortly after he became president.

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