Noah Hutton on creating the alternative world in his first feature film, "Lapsis"

Writer and director Noah Hutton created a special handbook to create an equitable and compassionate work experience for cast and crew of his film "Lapsis." (Feb.18)

Video Transcript

- Hey. Yeah, sorry. So which route should I pick.

- Here, I'll get you started.

NOAH HUTTON: It's like about labor writ large in this time when people are kind of moving from gig to gig. That's one aspect of it. But then there's the sci-fi element of like quantum computing.

Been reading a lot about [INAUDIBLE] around the corner. And I was particularly inspired by the detail that I read that if we are to move to quantum computers, they actually do require new cables. When I read that, my kind of imagination ran wild a little bit like, oh, this would require all this new infrastructure work. Well, that kind of meeting the way the gig economy is kind of put its tentacles into every aspect of our lives I think was the Genesis of where this world kind of started to build out of.

- Oh yeah. And remember, we take 30% off the top, which you can work down over time.

NOAH HUTTON: I'm happy with the balance we struck of letting you just sort of immerse yourself into this world and I think a lot of that has to do with the performance of Dean Imperial as Ray, who sort of gets to be like the audience proxy. We get to sort of just like relax and not worry like we're missing something about the quantum science or anything because this character, you know, clearly doesn't get it either. So it's OK. We can kind of just like go with him on journey.

- Ready to go.