Noise And Shaking From Sacramento Roadwork Causing Major Disruptions For Residents

It’s not dinosaurs shaking her home, but bulldozers breaking rocks in the middle of the night.

Video Transcript


- Now listen to that pounding and blasting all night long. Tonight, a road project in Sacramento rattling nerves and much more. The constant construction even has neighbors fearing for the future of their homes.

- To find out more, CBS 13's Laura Haefeli with the people who say the unbearable noise is driving them out of town. Laura, can you hear us?

LAURA HAEFELI: You know, that bulldozer making all that noise just went home, but neighbors who live near US 50 are going to have to put up with it for at least a few more years. Caltrans says they're trying to quiet the neighborhood, but residents say it's not happening fast enough.

MEGAN BEAVER: Well, you can see the water in our glass is shaking like Jurassic Park.

LAURA HAEFELI: But it's not dinosaurs rattling Megan Beaver's home.

MEGAN BEAVER: I can't live like this forever.

LAURA HAEFELI: It's bulldozers breaking rocks in the middle of the night.

MEGAN BEAVER: Where we're concerned about damage to our house. I've gotten up at 1:00 in the morning to take pictures off the wall. It's like, those are going to fall down.

LAURA HAEFELI: What are you normally doing at 1:00 AM?


LAURA HAEFELI: But this sound is keeping her family awake, even with a barrier between the Beavers' home and the construction on I-5.

MEGAN BEAVER: It's definitely not a sound wall because you're not supposed to be able to see the cars. Like, that's the whole idea is to, like, be above the noise. And you can see trucks and everything going by.

LAURA HAEFELI: And over on US 50, where Caltrans' Fix 50 project is in the works, there aren't any sound barriers.

JOHN HONORE: And I can appreciate the need for a sound wall.

LAURA HAEFELI: John Honore moved next door to US 50 back in November.

JOHN HONORE: It's not quiet.

LAURA HAEFELI: But had the homeowners or the realtor said to you, there's this Fix 50 project, and it's not going to be done for four years, would you have moved into this house?

JOHN HONORE: Not at all.


JOHN HONORE: Not at all.

LAURA HAEFELI: Caltrans says they're working to build a sound barrier along US 50.

- We're doing a lot of preparation for sound wall work right now, doing some foundation work.

LAURA HAEFELI: But their priority is to repair the roads as fast as they can.

- We all have the commitment to a lot of the people of California to improve the infrastructure.

LAURA HAEFELI: Despite the nuisance, Caltrans says they need to get these roads repaired, and they're taking advantage of the low traffic levels to get the work done.

- No easy answers. All right, thanks, Laura.