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The Loudest Cars That Car and Driver Has Ever Tested

Every car we test goes through rigorous evaluations of its performance; the straight-line acceleration and braking, lateral grip, and fuel economy. We also measure the sound inside each car three times: once when stopped, idling; again at a steady 70-mph cruise; and—this is the most fun—with the gas pedal pressed to the floor. Since idle sound and highway driving are about as much fun as playing catch with a brick wall, let's focus in on the loudest test: that wide-open-throttle measurement.For all of our sound measurements, we use a precision instrument that measures the sound pressure level in the cabin.

Why are we talking about pressure and not, you know, "loudness"? Because we're sticklers—and yes, that means you're actually using the term "loud" wrong. Loudness is how humans hear sounds, which is distinct from sound pressure, which is measured in decibels (dB). Anyway, do you want to see which cars we've tested that registered the highest decibels? Swipe through for a look at the list.

The Loudest Cars That Car and Driver Has Ever Tested

At full throttle, these hot sports cars and supercars shoved insane decibels into their drivers' ears.

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