Nonprofit ensures the homeless don't miss out on stimulus funds

As stimulus checks go out to many, those experiencing homelessness may be missing out. Here's what one local nonprofit is doing to ensure eligible homeless individuals are getting access to their stimulus funds.

Video Transcript

- Americans are already receiving their COVID relief checks direct deposited to their bank accounts. Others will be getting them in the mail.

- Many homeless people do not have bank accounts or mailing addresses, but still have checks coming. Eyewitness News reporter John Gregory shows us how they're getting them.

JOHN GREGORY: As stimulus checks go out, many homeless people are missing out. They, too, could be getting checks and that's where The People's Concern can help.

JACQUES PAGE: We help manage their benefits directly, or we have some participants or individuals that bring money in, deposit money, and we assist them with paying rent or other expenses.

JOHN GREGORY: The People's Concern's been working with the Los Angeles homeless community for years. They offer a range of services, including financial help.

JACQUES PAGE: That program is like a mini bank for people experiencing homelessness, for former homeless individuals who need support with managing their finances to ensure they stay housed.

JOHN GREGORY: That support can include a mailing address and access to the internet. Volunteers can also help the homeless find out if they do have stimulus money coming their way-- money that could help change lives if it's managed properly.

JACQUES PAGE: And we individualize each budget for each individual. So there are different facets to every individual.

JOHN GREGORY: Custom care and maybe a stimulus check, too-- resources that could help get some homeless people off these streets.