Nonprofits Team Up With City To Vaccinate LA's Most Vulnerable

A COVID-19 vaccination clinic at MacArthur Park in the Westlake District is part of an ongoing effort by the City of Los Angeles, the Departments of Health Services and Public Health to inoculate people experiencing homelessness.

Video Transcript

- Tonight at 8 o'clock and only on KCAL 9. Volunteers teaming up to help homeless people with two major services. They got their laundry done, free, when they were then able to get their COVID-19 vaccine. Tonight, KCAL 9's Jeff Nguyen Has the story you won't see anywhere else.

- OK, here we go, buddy.

JEFF NGUYEN: You couldn't miss Lane Clayton's smile through his mask when he got his second COVID vaccine shot at MacArthur Park.

LANE CLAYTON: We did it.

JEFF NGUYEN: It's an effort by City Hall, the health services, and public health departments to vaccinate people experiencing homelessness.

LANE CLAYTON: And the vaccine in here, so why not get it? You know, don't wait.

- Am I still bringing individuals to you at this time?

JEFF NGUYEN: Patrick Mooney is with People Assisting the Homeless, which works with a variety of agencies to bring the mobile clinics to LA's most vulnerable.

PATRICK MOONEY: Not everybody has a phone out here, and those that do, it's hard to keep it charged.

JEFF NGUYEN: You're essentially a fluff-n-fold?


JEFF NGUYEN: Jodie Dolan is the founder of The Laundry Truck LA, which provides free laundry at encampments across the city. The non-profit has been able to help with getting the word out about vaccinations.

- So we will monitor you for 15 minutes.

JODIE DOLAN: And really, it's just about services across the city working together, supporting each other, and really helping to lift these people up, together.

JEFF NGUYEN: Organizers say, you can't do this type of work by simply parachuting into a community. It takes established relationships. So when you have familiar faces over at The Laundry Truck LA, the trust that's earned here can also translate to efforts like that.

PATRICK MOONEY: It's easy to have multiple services in one place at the same time, so a person can get multiple things done at the same time. They're here and they're ready, and so we can have their laundry done, we can get a shot.

JEFF NGUYEN: This united effort also includes services like placements for housing and counseling. Today, nearly 60 Moderna doses were administered.

LANE CLAYTON: Thank you.

JEFF NGUYEN: Late Clayton has used The Laundry Truck in the past as well. He's hoping to find permanent housing next.

LANE CLAYTON: Everybody needs a little bit of help. It don't matter if you're rich or poor.

JEFF NGUYEN: Whether it's laundry or a vaccine shot, during the pandemic, it's a reminder, we could all use a clean start. In the Westlake District, Jeff Nguyen, KCAL 9 News.