Nope! White House Marine bolts inside after lightning strike

·2 min read

The U.S. Marines are ready to stand sentry in front of the White House through rain, sleet or snow.

Lightning, not so much.

C-SPAN captured video on Thursday of a Marine sentry in front of the White House being spooked by thunder and a nearby lightning strike before making the decision to head inside for a few minutes. As he does so, he does not break his formal mannerisms to open the door and take shelter.

The video shared by CSPAN's Jeremy Art has been viewed more than 4 million times, as people enjoyed the Marine's formality as he took cover.

"The most professional "nope, I'm out" the world will ever see," one person tweeted.

Another person added the lyrics "Hell to the no, to the no, no, no," from Bishop Bullwinkle's "Hell to Da Naw Naw" to the video after the Marine hears the thunder.

"Love the way he formally opens the door for himself," another tweeted.

"Such a smooth strut through the door he ceremoniously opened for himself," another viewer tweeted. "A very professional "peace out."'

His time inside didn't last long, as Arts reported that he was back at his post soon enough despite the continued rain.

"A few minutes later, White House Marine Sentry as it rains," he wrote.

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