NORAD: Santa on track to deliver Christmas Eve

The pandemic is forcing some changes in the way the NORAD tracks Santa Claus on his Christmas journey this year, but the commander says he’s confident Santa will get around the globe on time to deliver his toys. (Dec. 24)

Video Transcript

- And with every maneuver so lively and quick, NORAD's desk team tracked old Jolly St. Nick.

GLEN VANHERCK: honored to be able to continue and this year, despite the pandemic. Normally we have a call center of about 1,500 volunteers that maintain that call center. Due to social distancing and the need to maintain safety for all of our people, we've had to scale back on the call center.

We hope it brings some normalcy to their life, and some cheer during the holiday season. With the past year, we know we need this. So as much as we can bring good tidings and enjoyment to the family and all the children, it'll be a big success.

Well, Santa Claus has been doing this for many, many years as you know. And he's been through pandemics before, and challenges all around the globe. I'm 100% confident that Santa Claus knows exactly how to stay safe. He's very fast, and I'm confident that he and his team will remain safe.