Nord Stream leak confirmed as sabotage: Sweden

STORY: The giant leak in the Nord Stream gas pipelines was definitely caused by sabotage.

That’s according to Swedish investigators.

The rupture in late September spewed vast quantities of gas into the atmosphere.

Around 50 meters of one pipeline is said to be missing.

On Friday (November 18) a Swedish prosecutor said traces of explosives had been found at the rupture site.

That bears out preliminary findings by Danish investigators last month.

Swedish officials say the probe will now continue to see if it is possible to identify the perpetrators.

The prosecutors didn’t say which explosive was used, or give other details.

Russia said it would wait for a full assessment before deciding whether to carry out repairs.

Nord Stream had been the main route for transporting its gas to markets in western Europe.

The Kremlin has traded accusations with the west over who is to blame.

Moscow said last month that British navy personnel blew up the pipeline - a claim that London said was false.

Many European leaders see Russia as the chief suspect.