The North American Collegiate League Ties Partnership with Three Commas Clothing

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EL PASO, TX / ACCESSWIRE / 21 October 2020 / Over the last decade, esports has exploded into a billion-dollar industry, capturing millions of players worldwide. Aside from nurturing its standing as a leading non-profit esports organization, the North American Collegiate League(NACL) furthers its authority by partnering with Mark Cuban's Three Commas Clothing. The two parties have recently signed a major merchandise deal that aims to capture everyone in the esports industry.

The exclusive NACL Collegiate Collection was the product of the eventful collaboration between industry leaders. The collection currently carries five available items featuring limited edition jerseys and hoodies. The product line touts some of the most iconic collegiate teams such as Arkansas State, ICEBRKRSCLAN and NACL. The current production marks the first of many as the partnership targets to launch new products each month.

The North American Collegiate League hosts and streams video game tournaments and league play for collegiate esports competitors. In turn, the platform gives away scholarship prizes to worthy and competitive individuals. NACL is founded by David Chen, who is a former Deloitte Partner, current partner at Mediabudnace and GTIF Capital, and investor in esports. He believes it is a platform for establishing a community of like-minded and strong-willed individuals. The organization plays various video games such as Fortnite, Dota 2, Fifa 21, Madden NFL 21, and many others.

The North American Collegiate League encourages a healthy dedication to esports to everyone. The content shared on the platform is suitable for anyone who comes across it. The founder ensures that anyone is not discriminated against and left behind to urge them to know more about esports. "This serves the purpose of fostering a communal relationship between established players, those who are looking to enter the scene, and even those who do not entirely know what the esports industry has to offer them," said David Chen.

Despite its popularity, there is still a gap between traditional sports fans and esports enthusiasts. NACL addresses this by positioning esports as a welcoming platform. Just as much as traditional sports heavily involve camaraderie and sportsmanship, the same is true for esports. It is also an industry built on the players' respect for each other and the electronic sports they are passionate about.

The North American Collegiate League is streaming under TV rights in seven countries across Asia. This includes China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau, Japan, and South Korea. Asia has one of the most significant communities of esport enthusiasts and players. In the region alone, esports has generated millions of dollars of investment for the industry. NACL is looking toward advancing to other countries in Asia and the rest of the world.

Most recently, The North American Collegiate League hosted their very first live event at ISM Raceway during NASCAR's 2020 championship weekend. It was a milestone event for NACL, where NASCAR drivers and students came together to compete in a NASCAR Heat 4 tournament. The event was truly monumental, showing audiences how people from different industries can grow from each other because students were given the opportunity to learn from professional NASCAR drivers.

In a world where digital platforms seem to have reached their pinnacle, sportsmanship and connection through online gaming becomes more eminent. The field of esports is aggressively expanding, especially in the younger generation. Thus, David Chen is strategic in expanding NACL to wider audiences and encouraging more people to love esports. "North American Collegiate League will be a household name five years from now," declares David.

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