North Andover's Most-Read 2020 Story: Coronavirus Safety Concerns

Christopher Huffaker

NORTH ANDOVER, MA — In late July, the first coronavirus wave had been suppressed, and North Andover had just a handful of confirmed coronavirus cases.

That week, Patch reported on complaints filed with the Massachusetts Attorney General's officeabout coronavirus safety concerns at workplaces across the state. The office opened a portal to collect complaints on May 20.

Over 1,300 complaints had been filed statewide, but just one in North Andover, about Chipotle.

Last week, we asked readers what they thought was the site's most-read story. The right answer: the coronavirus safety complaint.

These were the top three stories:

  1. North Andover Company Hit With Coronavirus Safety Complaints

  2. Lawrence General Opens Exterior Coronavirus Test Tent

  3. Mother Starts Fundraiser For North Andover Woman Killed In Crash

Did you guess right? What are your predictions for 2021?

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This article originally appeared on the North Andover Patch