Some North Boulder Residents Took Advantage Of All The Snow By Getting Outside To Cross Country Ski

Other residents got out their snow blowers to try and keep up with all the falling snow.

Video Transcript

DOMINIC GARCIA: Now another hard hit area is up in Boulder. CBS4 Shaun Boyd, photojournalist Dale Atchinson, live in that area. Shaun, we know the North Metro area really getting hit hard. How is it where you are?

SHAUN BOYD: Well, Dominic, you know, right now I'm feeling like I won the lottery with this assignment here in Boulder. It's actually-- it's coming down, light, fluffy stuff, but not the wind that we saw this morning, which is really the problem here in Boulder, causing those big drifts. You know, while a lot of people won't step foot outside today, and I can't blame them, here in North Boulder neighbors flooded out to this park here for a ski fest. Cross-country skiing is tradition in North Boulder Park, although the sticky snow not ideal conditions. But that didn't stop the hardcore enthusiasts. Dozens of neighbors strapped on skis and did laps around the park.

While they were loving it, others were cursing it. Lots of people.

- Oh, I think this is great. You know, I like the big storms, you know, like the extreme weather. It's really cool. So-- and it's-- uh, you know, everything's kind of shut down. So just go out and do a bit of skiing and enjoy it.

SHAUN BOYD: Enjoy it. That's the attitude. A lot of people not enjoying it today, out with their snow blowers in this. And you really-- you really needed those heavy-duty snow blowers with this. It was more like moving mud than moving snow. We also saw cars, of course, getting stuck today, even those with all-wheel drive were getting stuck. And again, right now, not the wind blowing. So that's good, just this snow coming down. But I'm sure it's going to kick up again. The City of Boulder says it has all 19 plows out clearing the roads right now. And it'll be out there 24/7. But these roads still slushy and slippery, so as others have said, if you're home, it's a good place to stay today. Dominic?

DOMINIC GARCIA: Yeah. Someone at CDOT said it's like mashed potatoes snow. And I think that's the best analogy I've heard.

SHAUN BOYD: I heard somebody describe it as cream cheese snow.

DOMINIC GARCIA: Cream cheese, hey whatever-- whatever is thick, yeah. All right. Thanks, Shaun.