A North Carolina city was named one of the best-run in the country. Here’s why

Simone Jasper

A North Carolina city is among the best run in the country, a new report finds.

Durham ranks No. 5 on a list of places that are managing local resources to benefit residents, according to results published Monday from Wallethub.

To come up with its findings, the personal finance website says it focused on “150 of the most populated cities” in the United States.

WalletHub says it examined data from the federal government and other sources to determine each city’s offerings. Those were divided into sub-categories of financial stability, education, health, safety, economy and infrastructure and pollution. Analysts determined a total score for that category, then weighed it against each city’s per-capita budget, according to WalletHub.

Durham received a top 10 score in the budget category.

But it ranked No. 37 for city offerings, receiving scores that were about average for education, safety and the economy, according to WalletHub. The economy score was devised as a measure of unemployment, housing prices and income.

The city fared a bit better for services related to health, a sub-category that analyzed the coronavirus response, vitality and hospital conditions. Among all city offerings, Durham got its biggest boost with a No. 6 ranking for financial stability, which examined each city’s per-capita debt and credit rating, WalletHub says.

It’s not the first time the Bull City’s received national recognition.

In March, high educational attainment and local research institutions helped it earn a spot on a list of top cities for women who work in science, technology, engineering and math. More recently, Durham was No. 11 in a nationwide ranking of best places for recent graduates, McClatchy News reported.

Among other North Carolina cities in the WalletHub report, Greensboro ranked No. 12 overall; Raleigh ranked No. 22; and Charlotte ranked No. 113.

Overall, the top score went to Nampa, Idaho, roughly 20 miles west of Boise, results show. The lowest-ranking city was Washington, DC, according to WalletHub.