North Carolina father of child battling cancer in search of kidney

Cholly Gilmer, a husband and father of three, is on the hunt for time.

Video Transcript

CHAD TUCKER: Charlie Gillmer, a husband and father of three, is on the hunt for time.

CHARLIE GILLMER: I really got a lot to live for and I'm trying to be here as long as I can for my family.

CHAD TUCKER: A birth defect has given the 49-year-old a life of health challenges.

CHARLIE GILLMER: Since the birth defect, my kidneys do not grow with my body. So when after high school I kind of grew out of my kidneys, and they began to fail.

CHAD TUCKER: His late mother gave him a kidney back in 1991. Medicine that followed stole his hearing in a week. That was 30 years ago. Most donated kidneys only last 10 to 15 years, and now he's looking for a new one.

CHARLIE GILLMER: Just I want to be here for them as long as I can.

CHAD TUCKER: Especially for his 10-year-old son Jackson, and adopted siblings, Jamison, three, Hennelly, two. Hennelly has taught Gillmer a lot about living since being diagnosed last March with a brain tumor.

CHARLIE GILLMER: She is a fighter. Is she has gone through more than I can get through in a lifetime. I think I just for chemo and her pain. I just, it's a lot to watch.

CHAD TUCKER: Her treatments just ended a few months ago and a clean first scan is promising, but more are needed. Her strength is what keeps Gillmer going through dialysis treatments and waiting.

CHARLIE GILLMER: I don't think things work or work out this way as good as it has if she didn't come to us.

CHAD TUCKER: He was placed on the transplant list last year through Wake Forest Baptist. His health insurance will cover the transplant including all of the donor's costs, but right now it's just finding someone compatible.

CHARLIE GILLMER: Even if you're not compatible, that there is a swap program. You can donate to someone that really needs a kidney, and what that Baptist Hospital will do is they'll find me a kidney. So instead of just one person getting a, kidney two people will get to give to life.

CHAD TUCKER: His direct siblings aren't a match, but his faith in family--

CHARLIE GILLMER: We're really strong together.

CHAD TUCKER: Are what's keeping him going while he waits. In Randolph County, Chad Tucker, Fox A. News.