North Carolina mother reunited with son after car stolen with toddler inside

Josea Petty’s father left the 14-month-old in the backseat when he went inside a convenience store, only to return to everything gone.

Video Transcript

KAYLA FISHER: The-- even if his dad left my son in the car for just one minute, that was still a very careless mistake that hurt me. And I know it hurt my son.

- The careless mistake prompted this AMBER Alert on April 10. Kayla Fisher was at her Mooresville home when she got the call after midnight about her son, Josea Petty, missing.

KAYLA FISHER: Well, this is her. May I ask who's speaking? And she told me she was the FBI agent. And she immediately let me know that my child had been abducted.

- Kayla worried she would never see Josea again.

KAYLA FISHER: I just know when I got the news, I was very shocked. I was petrified. And I started to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

- Now her son never leaves her side. Mom knows how fortunate she is to have her 14-month-old home and healthy.

KAYLA FISHER: It's a miracle that Josea was returned back to his family safe and sound and unharmed and untouched and happy.

- So why did these men who police are looking for take the vehicle Josea was in? His father thinks he knows.

KAYLA FISHER: He also believes that there was an intent behind what those thieves did. He feels as though there are others out within the community who want to do things to him of harm.

- Kayla has this to say to the thieves who put her son in potential danger.

KAYLA FISHER: Our generation's job is to make this world a better place. So not only advice is to just learn from your mistakes and to change your life around for the better.

- Her life is better having her son with her knowing there are good people in the world, like the couple who cared for her child when they found him alone in the cold in the garden outside their Memphis Street home.

KAYLA FISHER: Very, very grateful. Words cannot express how thankful that I am for that family. So--