North Carolina voters wait on election results

The race for the White House presses on in North Carolina where President Donald Trump holds a slight lead over Joe Biden. Voters across the state are keenly watching the results as both candidates fate hangs in balance. (Nov. 5)

Video Transcript

DANA PERRY: I've been kind of checking my phone every couple hours just to see if things have changed. And, you know, I would like to see some of these states updating their numbers a little more.

NATHANIEL STURDIVANT: I think the current condition of the country has caused so many people to express themselves that the system wasn't ready for that.

DANA PERRY: I keep praying that it won't take long, that, you know, that the answer will be really clear and really known.

NATHANIEL STURDIVANT: I'm happy to see all the involvement, and the excitement, participation. I think that's a good thing.