North Carolina woman discovers 70-year-old photograph in her new home

As a professional organizer, Tiffney Hopwood normally helps her clients figure out ways to declutter their lives. But when she recently bought a home, she put her skills to personal use.

Video Transcript

TIFFNEY HOPWOOD: It's just getting started.

CHAD TUCKER: Tiffney Hopwood makes a living as a professional organizer.

TIFFNEY HOPWOOD: If you pick up a box of things, you say, "OK, is it functional? No. Is it worth money? No. But does it mean something to you? Yes."

And all these old cookbooks, I figured I'll donate those.

CHAD TUCKER: She normally helps her clients figure out ways to declutter their lives. But when she recently bought this house, she put her skills to personal use.

TIFFNEY HOPWOOD: This was the first house that was built in the neighborhood, and so he was the first resident.

CHAD TUCKER: Lawrence [? Bogar, ?] a Korean War veteran, built the house. He and his wife Helen lived here and raised a family. And even after Helen passed away in 2013, he continued to call it home.

TIFFNEY HOPWOOD: Everyone in the neighborhood knows Mr. Bogar, and they've all stopped to say wonderful things about him.

CHAD TUCKER: After he passed away, Tiffney became the owner of the home and some long-forgotten contents, like old school annuals and other mementos Lawrence had saved.

- 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass, whoo.

CHAD TUCKER: There was even a stack of the 1985 last run of the afternoon newspaper, the Sentinel.

TIFFNEY HOPWOOD: And as we were going through them to decide or pilfer through what needed to be donated and what needed to be sold and what was just trash, I came across this picture.

CHAD TUCKER: The picture was taken May 25, 1949, of the Signal Training Regiment at Camp Gordon, Georgia.

TIFFNEY HOPWOOD: Wow. I mean, just wow. Here I am with this picture that represents so much rich history. There are so many sons in here and husbands and brothers. And there's young, young guys in here, and then older men.

CHAD TUCKER: She assumes Lawrence Bogar is one of the many men in the photo. And she became even more curious about the picture when she learned Camp Gordon doesn't even exist anymore.

TIFFNEY HOPWOOD: Just in trying to familiarize myself with Camp Gordon and whatnot, watched a little YouTube video, and it was based in Chamblee, Georgia, which is where I grew up. Shut the front door.

CHAD TUCKER: And suddenly, it was no longer just a photograph. It became a connection between her hometown and her new home. In Winston-Salem, looking for Roy's folks, Chad Tucker, Fox 8 News.