The North Face unveils breathable waterproof fabric at CES 2019

The North Face has launched FUTURELIGHT™, its breathable-waterproof outerwear technology.

The North Face is focusing on revolutionizing waterproof fabrics with its latest innovation.

The outdoor lifestyle brand has unveiled a new breathable waterproof material dubbed ‘Futurelight' at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

"Right now, the expectation from a waterproof product is something loud, crunchy, muggy and unpackable," said Scott Mellin, Global General Manager of Mountain Sports at The North Face, in a statement. "With Futurelight we can theoretically use the technology to make anything breathable, waterproof and for the first time, comfortable. Imagine a waterproof t-shirt, sweater or even denim that you actually want to wear."

The fabric uses ‘Nanospinning' technology that creates nano-level holes that make the material porous and allow air to move through it, while remaining completely waterproof. The process also permits designers to modify the weight, stretch, breathability, durability, construction and texture of the fabric to suit different activities, such as increasing the breathability in garments for aerobic exercise or increasing the protection levels for clothes designed for harsh, wet climates.

The innovative fabric has been rigorously tested by the brand's team of athletes, including the alpinist Hilaree Nelson. "In all my years in the mountains, I've never experienced a product that moved and performed as well as Futurelight," the adventure athlete said. "It is creating a new paradigm for what I expect out of a waterproof material."

Futurelight also remains true to the brand's sustainable ethos; its three-layer garments are created from recycled fabrics, via a production process that takes place in a solar-powered factory and cuts chemical consumption.

The development is the latest big move for The North Face, which unveiled multiple initiatives last year. These included a "Bottle Source" apparel and accessories collection crafted from recycled bottles recovered from waste streams in Yosemite and "The North Face Renewed," a collection sourced from returned, defective or damaged apparel.