North Korea Fires Two Missiles; Seth Rogen and James Franco Unharmed

North Korea Fires Two Missiles; Seth Rogen and James Franco Unharmed

Days after North Korea's Kim Jong-un declared a fatwa against actors Seth Rogen and James Franco, the rogue country conducted a missile test off its coast. From the Associated Press:

A South Korean military official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, citing department rules, said the missiles were fired from Wonsan and are presumed to be short-range Scud ballistic missiles. The official added that the military is determining what kind of Scud missiles the projectiles were."

The two missiles are believed to be the same Scud-C missiles fired back in March when the country unleashed a torrent of test missiles, raising some serious alarms.

So did this newest episode have anything to do with Seth Rogen and James Franco, who have a movie coming out this fall that involves the assassination of Kim Jong-un? As you may recall, Kim Jong-un, upon learning about the plot called The Interview  a "blatant act of terrorism and war" just days ago and threatened the United States if the film is released.

So far, the media aren't buying it. I suppose there are other reasons North Korea would conduct another irresponsible missile test.

Among the reasons cited: Chinese President Xi Jinping's decision to break with tradition and visit South Korea before visiting North Korea next week instead of after. Kim Jong Un has also been boasting recently of his increasingly precise missiles. There's also the fact that the Korean War ended over 60 years ago without a peace treaty and the peninsula has technically remained in a state of war ever since.

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