A North Korea Nuclear Showdown Plus Trump’s Impeachment Could Fuse into the Crisis of Our Time

Harry J. Kazianis

My prediction for 2020: The near-certain impeachment of U.S. President Donald Trump and a newly-emboldened North Korea testing long-range missiles and nuclear weapons will create a national security crisis the likes of which the world has never seen.

That’s a statement I can only hope ends up being wrong. But if trendlines in impeachment-obsessed Washington continue and combine with failing North Korea nuclear negotiations, that is our likely geopolitical fate. 

Of course, all predictions have certain facts that serve as a foundation. When it comes to impeachment and a trial in the U.S. Senate that will determine President Trump’s fate, that seems highly likely. As for North Korea, trouble is brewing. The collapse of recent working-level negotiations last weekend ended in just a few short hours even though those talks took months to arrange. To make matters worse, both sides unable to even agree on what took place.  Now, Pyongyang is threatening to void its pledge to pause long-range missile and nuclear tests if there is no progress—at least as they define it—over a deal that grants sanctions relief for a first step towards their denuclearization by the end of the year.

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