North Korea says test was submarine missile

North Korea on Thursday (October 3) a projectile it fired this week was a ballistic missile launched from a submarine.

Analysts told Reuters this makes the test-fire the most provocative since the U.S. began talking with North Korea again in 2018.

Photos in state media showed the missile emerging from water before a rocket booster sent it skyward.

A submarine launch would match what the South Korean military suspected the day before.


"The missile seemed to fly 565 miles high and and 280 miles in distance. We're analyzing details because we believe that it was fired from sea and it is likely to be Pukguksong-class weapon."

Pukguksong or Pole Star are what the North's earlier submarine weapons were called.

On Thursday state media called the new missiles Pukguksong-3, and analysts say they may be a modified version of the old projectiles.

They were the ninth launch since Kim Jong Un met U.S. President Donald Trump in June.

The latest test may be a reminder of the North's capabilities just days before nuclear talks with the U.S. restart.

The UN Security Council has passed resolutions that ban the North from using ballistic missile technology.

Pyongyang rejects that, saying they are an infringement to its right to self-defense.