North Korea tests 'multiple rocket launchers'

After weeks of silence, North Korea fired up its missiles again on Thursday (October 31), testing one of its newer weapons: so-called super-large multiple rocket launchers.

North Korea first debuted this new launcher in August

Official state media released a photo, on Friday (November 1) saying the weapon could "totally destroy" a target in a surprise strike and that leader Kim Jong Un had "expressed satisfaction" with the results.

The timing of the launch may be key.

South Korea this week rolled out annual military drills which it says are for self defence.

This is Pyongyang's first weapons test since talks with the U.S. broke down in early October.

Washington wants Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons program

But the two sides have failed to reach even a basic agreement on how - or when - to do that.

So far, no reaction from the White House.

President Donald Trump has struck up a personal relationship with Kim.

But he's brushed off recent tests.


"Kim Jong Un has been, you know, pretty straight with me, I think. And we're going to see what's going on, we're going to see what's happening. He likes testing missiles but we never restricted short range missiles. We'll see what happens."

Still, hours after Thursday's test, a senate subcommittee sounded the alarm accusing North Korea of "escalating behavior."

The chairman, Republican Cory Gardner, called for more U.S. troops to be deployed to Asia and more sanctions on North Korea.

Kim has set an end-of-the-year deadline for reaching an agreement, a deadline that - according to North Korea - it would be a mistake to ignore.