North St. Louis County intersection raises alarms after fatal pedestrian accident

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Some north St. Louis County residents and business owners are raising concerns about what they say is a dangerous intersection.

A pedestrian was struck and killed near New Halls Ferry and West Florissant. This is a very busy intersection and it’s well lit. It’s unclear what led up to the tragedy.

According to St. Louis County police, a car struck a man and killed him just after 7 p.m. Wednesday night. The preliminary investigation revealed that the passenger vehicle was southbound on the New Halls Ferry.

When a man stepped in front of it and was struck by the vehicle that struck him, he remained on scene. Fashions R Boutique is located near the intersection and multiple accidents have happened in the area, so something must be done.

“This corner is notorious for a lot of accidents  not just a few its very dangerous  to pull out  when you go to the bank  or come to the store  you pull on Hall Ferry and you are subjected to getting in an accident  very frequently .” said Bertha Ewing , Fashions R Boutique.

“They go so fast  and they come down like  its a highway going 55 at 60 miles  a hour  from when they hot that light  it seems  the light should be longer  to give people time  to get out, but they are going so fast and everybody driving fast these days,” said Juanita Morris, Fashions R Boutique.

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Meanwhile, St. Louis County Councilwoman Rita Heard-Days says county officials are looking into  solutions.

“That stretch the West Florissant corridor that has been a problem for many years ,we ask the transportation public works to look at it , but we think we need more enforcement in area this particular point people are just free to do what they want to do. The county needs to take a hard look at that intersection,” said Councilwoman Rita Heard Days

Councilwoman  Days says she is concerned about the intersection  and she wants the county to take action.

“Because this not the first my heart goes out to the family this is a tremendous loss my heart goes and it’s not necessary. St. Louis county, police department and transportation and public works we are all looking at how to make this safe corridor.”

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