North Texas' Keite Young Talks About Community Inspiring His Music

North Texas musician Keite Young says his music is inspired by community and change.

Video Transcript

KEITE YOUNG: Hi, I'm Keite Young. I am a father, I am an artist and a social activist. Art is probably one of the most powerful means of social change and engines of social awareness that we have.

(SINGING) Let me do your body like only I can. If you call, I'll be right there, just take my hand. I'll be your medicine

Fort Worth and all that I experienced growing up also informs me and my mission to just see progress in what we all kind of casually refer to as the American dream.

(SINGING) Won't you help the same.

I'm inspired by all of the ordinary people who felt a passion to give their lives and surrender their life for the benefit of a larger vision. My cornerstone belief is that we-- none of us are separate. So, in that spirit, it's going to take all of us to kind of surrender to that higher vision, that higher idea that that bigger role that serves not just us, but those around us, you know.

So, honestly, it all goes back to community. Whatever our social ills, can be answered if we tackle them as a community. Black history is our history.