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North Texas PGA Veteran Ryan Palmer Reacts To Tiger Woods' Crash

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Palmer talked with Keith Russell about how he heard the news from a doctor who also works on Tiger and how he can relate to the sad day as a father and whether he expects to see Tiger on tour ever again.

Video Transcript

KEITH RUSSELL: Here with PGA TOUR veteran, and former Texas A&M Aggie and Colleyville resident, Ryan Palmer. Ryan, I would imagine just like everywhere else, the news reverberated around the PGA TOUR and maybe even more so.

RYAN PALMER: Yeah. I was at the course working with my physio doctor Dr. Troy Van Biezen, who actually works with Tiger as well and a few other players. And his phone had started blowing up with text messages. And he had said Tiger was in an accident.

And then, of course, all of us started going on Twitter everywhere to look and see what was going on. And finally it started coming in around, I think, probably 2:30 or 3:00. And then you started reading all these reports and all this stuff.

And Gary Woodland, who has the same agent as Tiger, he had told Gary that he was in surgery with multiple leg fractures. So that's how we found out about that. And man, yeah, it hit everybody hard. You know, he was trying to get back from his back surgery obviously.

And he was down in LA doing some stuff for GolfTV, I believe, "Golf Digest." And it sounded like a freak accident. And just thankful he's OK as far as life threatening injuries. And it sounds like he's gonna be OK in that regard. So, you know, we're all just praying for him and his speedy recovery, praying for his kids and all his family.

KEITH RUSSELL: What part of your heart aches the most for Tiger in this moment, Ryan?

RYAN PALMER: You know, I've been playing om the TOUR for 18 years now. And I've been there every step since he's been out there, I mean, as far as when I got there. So, you know, the main thing is the game-- hes so huge for the game.

He's huge for the PGA TOUR, our fans, everything about it. And we talk about every day how much we want Tiger back. I mean, he drives our sport for sure when he's on the grounds. And he was starting to get a little rehab going. And there was talk about him possibly playing Players. Obviously he was showing up at the Masters.

But no, it hit everybody in the gut pretty much. Just when you hear any athlete, anybody we know personally that you're around, when something like this happens, it hits you hard. And it's a sad moment for the sporting world and for the game of golf for sure.

KEITH RUSSELL: How can you relate to this not just as a PGA TOUR professional who's had major success in the world of golf. But I guess as a father?

RYAN PALMER: Yeah. I called my wife later on this afternoon just to say hi. And main thing, I just wanted to tell her I love her. And you think of his kids. I mean, I've got a 14-year-old, Mason, and an 11-year-old, Maddy-- I can't imagine what would go through their minds if something was to happen like that.

And you immediately think about them. And you immediately think about the things that Tiger wants do with them. And fortunately, like I said, he's gonna be OK it sounds like. And he'll recover from this, I really believe. He's a strong, strong man. And he'll come back stronger than ever.

But, yeah, you think about them and what they're going through in Florida. He's in California. And so, you know, you just pray they get through it and they stay strong. And I'm sure they're on their way to see him, I would imagine.

KEITH RUSSELL: And lastly, Ryan, before we let you run, is this the wrong time for fans-- as much as people have enjoyed Tiger through all the many years, is this a long time for fans to stop and wonder and let their minds wander of if we'll ever see Tiger play a professional round of golf again?

RYAN PALMER: I think everybody thinks that, for sure now. I mean, everybody questioned with his fifth back surgery. I think it's his fifth back surgery. But with this recent back surgery, everybody that thought that is thinking that now I'm sure.

And this definitely puts that on hold. I mean, this could be a year, a couple of years down the road. Once they find out how serious his leg injuries are-- we're hearing multiple fractures in both legs. So who knows how long that takes and how [AUDIO OUT] it is?

So obviously we pray and hope this is not the end. I don't believe it is. I think he's too strong of a person to let it be the end. And now time will just tell. So I don't want to say to fans out there this is it, because I don't believe it is. And like I said, time will tell and let's just hope it's not.