North Texas Top High School Prospect Ryan Prager Gives It His All On The Mound

When it comes to competing and racking up strikeouts, the Hillcrest High School standout is in a league of his own.

Video Transcript

- So it's a good time to check out one of the top young pitching prospects in North Texas. Desmond Purnell introduces us to Ryan Prager at Hillcrest High School in Dallas.

DESMOND PURNELL: He's a 6'2 lefty. He throws over 90 miles per hour. And oh, yeah, he's one of the top high school baseball prospects in North Texas.

RYAN PRAGER: I'm trying to be a dog. Trying to be like a bulldog. I'm locked in. I got one job and I'm going to go compete.

DESMOND PURNELL: When it comes to competing and racking up strikeouts, Hillcrest standout Ryan Prager is in a league of his own.

RYAN PRAGER: Everything you put in, the game gives back to you, so the more you can put in and show that you're willing to get better and want to get better and put the time, you know, it'll prove on the field.

ASHLEY MOORE: He was averaging anywhere from 12 to 15 scouts. He had a high watermark on a Saturday here. I hit 22. They see the make up with the attitude and that built bulldog mentality. I mean, what isn't there to like about him?

DESMOND PURNELL: To go pro or not to go pro that's the question for the Panthers star pitcher. Prager is expected to be selected in this year's MLB draft, but he's also committed to play his college baseball for Texas A&M.

RYAN PRAGER: I got to go be me and all that'll take care of itself, whether it's going the college route or going the professional route.

DESMOND PURNELL: For now Prager is more focused on the present, potentially leading the Hillcrest Panthers to a state title.

RYAN PRAGER: We don't have the greatest tradition of state titles, but being able to leave our legacy with me and my best friends here, being able to leave our mark on the school would mean the world.

DESMOND PURNELL: In Dallas, I'm Desmond Purnell, CBS11 Sports.