Northern Colorado Volunteer Group Loads Up Sandbags In Preparation Of Springtime In The Rockies

Church groups which make up the SERVE 6.8 partnership gathered on Saturday to fill sandbags for residents in northern Colorado.

Video Transcript

- Today is Wildfire Preparedness Day. And after last year's devastating wildfire season, people in northern Colorado are preparing for flooding. This is Operation Sandbag. Volunteers with Serve 6.8 filled sandbags today in Loveland ahead of any big rain or snow melt this spring. Fires across northern Colorado caused widespread damage last year in both the Big Thompson and Poudre Canyons. The burn scars are serious concerns.

- We're trying to prevent any rushing water that would happen after the fire. So the Hyde Park fire, there's still some burn scar up there. Obviously, the Cameron Peak fire. There's about 600,000 acres worth of burn scar throughout Colorado, 208,000 acres from the Cameron Peak fire. So we realize if there's major rain that happens, anything like that, sandbags will be a help. The [? waddles ?] will help. If there's no flooding, it'll help with water quality, keep in some of the ash and some of the other debris where it needs to be, and keep the water clean.

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