Northport-East Northport 2020-21 School Budget Passes Handily

Michael DeSantis

NORTHPORT-EAST NORTHPORT, NY — Residents within the Northport-East Northport School District boundaries voted to approve the 2020-21 school budget by a margin of 5,241 votes to 1,545.

Residents voted on the district's proposed $172,752,759 spending plan for the school year, a 0.98 percent increase from the current budget. To fund the increase, the district proposed a tax levy of $149,717,642 up 0 percent from the current year's.

David Badanes and Donna McNaughton won the Board of Education election, garnering 5,119 and 4,463 votes, respectively. Victoria Bento picked up 2,762 votes.

This year, constituents voted by absentee ballot due to the coronavirus.

This article originally appeared on the Northport Patch