Northwest Arkansas trolls Austin and offers one-way tickets

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If you're an Austinite who woke up this morning thinking you wanted to move to Arkansas, now's your chance.

What's happening: Northwest Arkansas outdoor recreation and arts company Oz Brands is offering to buy 10 Austinites a one-way ticket to what it calls paradise.

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The Bentonville-based company is accepting applications through Oct. 29 from Austin residents to win an airline ticket to Northwest Arkansas National Airport, a $350 Visa gift card and a $150 gift card from a regional restaurant group. The promotion is called "One Way Out."

  • Applicants must be 18 years or older and provide basic contact information.

  • Entries will be judged on their 250-word essays that answer: "Why do you need a break from Austin?"

  • Originality, humor and creativity will be considered.

Context: The gimmick, of course, is the one-way ticket because "once visitors see the hidden gem of the Northwest Arkansas region, they won't want to leave!"

  • OZ Brands (OZ Art, OZ Trails and Fly OZ) claims Austin residents must be tired of the traffic, tourists and cost of living.

  • (FWIW, we are, aren't we?)

Why it matters: There are an estimated 10,000 open jobs in Northwest Arkansas and not enough people to fill them.

  • Workers in Austin — especially in tech fields — are coveted by NWA recruiters and economic developers.

  • And truth be told, Northwest Arkansas, famous for housing the headquarters of Walmart, has some fantastic bike trails, state parks and restaurants…

  • Also, they're currently better at football. The Arkansas Razorbacks crushed the Longhorns 40-21 back in September.

Flashback: The Northwest Arkansas Council recently launched a snarky ad campaign in various markets, including Austin, to encourage residents to move to NWA.

  • "Everthing's bigger in Texas, including the mortgage payments," read one billboard.

What to watch: Winners will be announced on Nov. 5.

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