Northwest Australia faces 'one-in-100-year' floods

STORY: The crisis in the Kimberley - an area in Western Australia state about the size of California - was sparked last week by severe weather system Ellie, a former tropical cyclone that brought heavy rain.

"People in the Kimberley are experiencing a one-in-100-year flood event, the worst flooding Western Australia has had in its history," Western Australia Emergency Services Minister Stephen Dawson told reporters in Perth.

"In some places, water just as far as the eye can see...The impacts are going to be many and varied but you know the scale of it in terms of the water that's lying on the ground up there at the moment is just massive," added Emergency Services Commissioner, Darren Klemm.

The town of Fitzroy Crossing, a community of around 1,300 people, has been among the worst hit, with supplies having to be airlifted in due to flooded roads.