Norwalk Announces New Permit Process For Outdoor Dining, Retail

Alfred Branch

NORWALK, CT — The city will begin accepting outdoor dining and outdoor retail permits on May 18 in anticipation of the start of reopening Connecticut from the coronavirus shutdown, Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling announced on Friday.

"We wanted to make this process as simple as possible while keeping a focus on the health and safety of the public," Rilling said, adding that the new expedited permit process will be done entirely online. "We will be expediting the outdoor dining and outdoor retail permits, and I am waiving all fees to help our local businesses in these difficult times. The State has allowed 10 days for municipalities to approve these permits and our new expedited process will ensure they are approved much quicker. My staff will be working diligently to help businesses with any questions. With everything we do, the key is to do it effectively, efficiently, and safely."

This is from Rilling's announcement:

There will be expanded areas for outdoor dining and retail use, such as sidewalks and parking spaces. The City is also considering additional alternatives to provide public space for businesses. As part of the local approval process, businesses will have to self-certify with the State Department of Economic and Community Development and prominently display that information to reassure customers. All businesses will have to apply for a permit regardless if the activities are being held on public or private property. More Frequently Asked Questions are available online at

The application portal will be live on Monday, May 18, at noon. Local businesses with questions are asked to reach out to the Sabrina Church, Director of Business Development and Tourism, at

This article originally appeared on the Norwalk Patch