Norway confirms sending Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

Norway plans to send Leopard 2A4 to Ukraine, Norwegian Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gram said on Jan. 25.

He didn’t specify the number of tanks Norway would send to Ukraine, but Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv wrote on Jan. 24 that Norway is considering sending eight out of the 36 Leopard 2A4 tanks it currently has.

Norway said on Jan. 5 that it had already sent 10,000 ammunition shells to Ukraine. The Norwegian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Jan. 4 that donated artillery shells can be used in the M109 howitzers that Norway has donated in the past.

Germany confirmed on Jan. 25 that it would send 14 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine and allow other countries, such as Norway, to send their own Leopards to Kyiv.

The long-awaited tanks will be delivered from the stocks of the German army, Chancellor Olaf Scholz told Bloomberg in an emailed statement.“This decision follows our well-known line of supporting Ukraine to the best of our ability,” Scholz said, as quoted by Bloomberg.

“We are acting in a way that is closely agreed and coordinated internationally.”