Norway ratifies aid for Ukraine worth $8 billion

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Jonas Gar Støre confirmed his support for Ukraine
Jonas Gar Støre confirmed his support for Ukraine

"When we are facing a full-scale aggressive war, there is only one answer," Støre said.

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“This is a very powerful military message: we will defend ourselves, we will support Ukraine in its self-defense,” he said.

“They have the right to defend themselves, and we have the right to defend them. Norway has been supporting the Ukrainian struggle since the beginning of the Russian invasion. We have just announced a five-year assistance program for Ukraine. We intend to support it with EUR 7.5 billion over the next five years. In military terms, through economic and humanitarian aid. This is our response.”

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Støre also said the main lesson of the war was "the need to take care of the sustainability of your own state, and this is only partially related to defense or military capabilities."

"Today in Ukraine we see that resilience is more than just weapons," said the official.

“It is about the mentality of the people, it is about values. When I visited Ukrainian troops and met with civilian Ukrainians, I saw victory – this is what unites them all together against Putin's invasion.”

The Norwegian parliament on Feb. 16 supported a five-year aid program for Ukraine worth 75 billion Norwegian kroner (about EUR 7 billion or $7.4 billion).

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