‘He’s not breathing;’ Body cam video shows moments leading up to, after death of Greene County dog

Almost a week after a loose dog died in Greene County, new video is showing what happened leading up to his death.

Police and animal control officers received calls to a Bellbrook neighborhood for reports of dogs running loose last Friday. Officers spotted the dogs that ran into a yard next to two dogs playing on the other side of the fence.

New body camera video obtained through a public records request showed a Bellbrook officer pulling up to the scene. The officer first tried to lure a female dog and her brother, the 100 lb American Bully named Blue, into her cruiser.

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“You want to go for a ride?” the officer asked.

That officer then got back into her car and didn’t get back out until a Greene County Animal Control officer and her sergeant pulled up.

“The female is OK,” the officer said. “The male’s the one that’s been growling at me,” the officer said.

The dogs could both be briefly seen near both police officers, but then ran back into a side yard. The animal control officer headed to the side yard with a catch pole. She then jumped the fence and placed it over Blue’s neck.

The video shows a little of the struggle between the animal control office and the dog before Blue is down on the ground. It would be a few minutes later before the sister of Blue’s owner arrives on scene.

The body camera video showed officer told the sister that Blue was asleep, but as she gets up close, she realized that wasn’t the case.

“He’s dead! He’s not breathing,” the sister, Chelsea York, said.

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York told News Center 7′s Mike Campbell that she received a voicemail from a Bellbrook Police dispatcher, but no information was left and she was told to disregard the message. She said the video is simple to her.

“Everyone involved failed my dogs,” she said.

York believes this should have never happened and that the incident could have been prevented with better communication.

News Center 7 reached out to the director of the Greene County Animal Shelter and the county administrator. They told us, “We are aware of the incident that occurred in Bellbrook on Friday and we are conducting an investigation to determine all the facts in the case.”