Not to Be Dramatic, but You’re Going to Need These Tino Franco ‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers

Photo credit: ABC
Photo credit: ABC

It’s happening. Another season of The Bachelorette is in full swing, which means everyone has been super busy respectfully stalking all the (many, many, maaaany) contestants on the show. But if you’re occupied with your own dramatic love life and you simply don’t have time to lurk on Reddit at the moment, we’ve put together all the relevant spoilers for you. Specifically on Contestant to Watch™ Tino Franco. Before we get into it, yes, there are spoilers in this article about (a) whether Tino dates Gabby Windey or Rachel Recchia and (b) how far he makes it on the show. But the answer is obviously kinda far if we’re bothering to chat about him, so buckle up.

First Up, Rachel Gave Him Her First Impression Rose

Yep! On night one, the men came swarming in with a plethora of equally charming and corny introductions, but it was Tino who stood out the most and caught Rachel’s eye. This is worth noting because historically in The Bachelorette series, first impression rose recipients typically become the winner of the show or make it pretty dang far in ~the journey~, according to @bachelordata.

He’s a “Go With the Flow” General Contractor

Like many Bachelor Nation stars before him, 28-year-old Tino is based in California—and currently lives in Playa Del Rey where he works as a general contractor. This is a simply gorgeous part of the world, so no surprise that Tino is super outdoorsy and loves camping, surfing, and cycling. Hope Rachel and/or Gabby are down for that vibe!

Anyway, behold some photos of Tino camping (as he put it in his caption):

He’s a Genuinely Good Person

Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants get a lot of side-eyes for going on the show to get followers and sponcon opportunities, but Tino is fully here for the right reasons. ABC’s bio writer reports that he is “very involved in giving back to his community and wants to find someone who will work to make the world a better place alongside him.” Here he is doing some fundraising work—with incredible hair to boot.

P.S. One of Tino’s ABC “fun facts” (lol) is that he “enjoys reading the Wall Street Journal.” Love a man who stays informed!

He’s Already Made It Clear He Wants 4 Kids

Family is extremely important to Tino and starting a family of his own is at the top of his wish list. “He wants a meaningful connection that will set the groundwork for him and his future wife to be great parents because for Tino, family is everything AND he wants four kids,” ABC says. “He’s ready to put everything he’s got into building something real with Gabby or Rachel, and we think the two of them deserve nothing less.”

So, who’s on board to potentially have four kids with this man?

SPOILERS AREA AHEAD (after this obligatory shirtless pic, ofc)

Tino Dates Rachel

In fact, they form such a strong connection that...drumroll, pls....

Photo credit: Craig Sjodin - Getty Images
Photo credit: Craig Sjodin - Getty Images

He Makes It to Hometown Dates, According to Reality Steve

That’s the exciting news. But not as exciting as...another drumroll, pls....

He Ends Up Engaged to Rachel

BRB, screaming, crying, and throwing up at the fact that these two end up together since they truly are so, so cute. Thank you Reality Steve once again for coming through with the absolute sparkiest of SparkNotes versions of these seasons for those of us who simply cannot wait to find out the ending when it actually happens (i.e. me).

Stay tuned because we will be updating this with the latest if/when more spoilers drop.

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