Not Fully Re-Opened Restaurants Welcome Denver Restaurant Week

Denver’s first-ever Spring Restaurant Week is giving chef’s across the city the opportunity to highlight some seasonal ingredient in their multi-course meals.

Video Transcript

- Still three nights of delicious eating left for Denver Restaurant Week, and one of the benefits of having it in the spring is the chefs can take advantage of seasonal ingredients.

- Dominic Garcia reports on the impact your support will have.

TOM COOHILL: This is Cape Cod black bass. It's beautiful whitefish.

DOMINIC GARCIA: "Tom Coohill has fresh fish flown in a few times a week.

TOM COOHILL: You really want the skin to be crispy.

DOMINIC GARCIA: You'll find today's fish on the Denver Restaurant Week menu at Coohills.

TOM COOHILL: We do more seasonal things and we have a little more seasonal opportunity this year because it's in the spring.

DOMINIC GARCIA: Tom is glad to be hosting Denver Restaurant Week now.

TOM COOHILL: We get a lot of new people to come in and a good amount of those people will come back.

DOMINIC GARCIA: It's also an incentive to bring people back to public dining. Coohills is not fully reopened yet. Located in Mohie, Tom relies on events at Ball Arena and downtown workers to fill the seats. Until people come back to the neighborhood, he can't afford to be open six days a week.

TOM COOHILL: We just have to kind of go with the flow and try to do it the best we can.

DOMINIC GARCIA: COVID hit like a ton of bricks.

TOM COOHILL: A few days before the big shutdown, we had a party of 200 for Oprah Winfrey, and then like four days later, we're shut down.

DOMINIC GARCIA: And it's been a rollercoaster ride ever since.

TOM COOHILL: Rehiring and furloughing and then rehiring, we've done it twice already, so--

DOMINIC GARCIA: Tom is glad to see some semblance of normalcy coming back, and he's celebrating with some amazing menu items for Denver Restaurant Week. I'm Dominic Garcia covering Colorado First.

- OK, I think I'll be visiting there soon.

- Yes!

- Denver Restaurant Week runs through Sunday. There are still some great meals to be had at one of three prices-- $25, $35 or $45.