Not getting vaccinated against COVID-19? The Miami Herald Editorial Board wants to hear more

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If you live in Florida — or anywhere else in the United States, really — and are unvaccinated, you’ve probably had at least one debate over the COVID-19 vaccine recently.

Are relatives trying to persuade you to get the the shot despite your concerns about the newness of the vaccine or about whether it will result in reproductive issues?

Maybe you’ve tried to explain to a close friend why you are just not ready to get the shot or that you can’t take time off from work.

Have conversations devolved into screaming matches over magnets, myths and which news organizations you trust?

Let’s chat.

Florida is experiencing a COVID-19 resurgence — we’re seeing a rapid rise in new infections and an alarming surge in hospitalizations and deaths among the unvaccinated, as acknowledged by U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy. All of this has sparked renewed talk about vaccinations.

The Miami Herald Editorial Board wants to hear from anyone who has decided against getting the COVID-19 vaccine. We’re curious about your doubts and fears and any conversations you’ve had with people who have tried to convince you to get it.

The reasons to remain unvaccinated can be complex — mistrust in the government’s role; fear of unknown side effects; concerns about the speed with which the vaccines were produced. We want to speak to Floridians in more depth to help us prepare for an upcoming online “Speaking of Miami” panel conversation.

Yes, the Editorial Board has taken a stance on vaccines — we’ve written about vaccinations as the clear solution to Florida’s recent surge of COVID-19 cases. Yes, we have been critical of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ lack of a plan to get more residents vaccinated against COVID. We want lawmakers to do more to help communities fight rising infections.

But we also will listen, with respect, to those who disagree with us.

Tell us your story by filling out the submission form below or access it directly by clicking here. You can respond anonymously. We won’t make public any personal details without your permission.

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