'Nothing Like A Wild Shootout At 3AM': Old East Dallas Residents Upset After Shooting At Short-Term Rental

“It was one of the most terrifying few minutes of my life,” one resident who wants to remain anonymous said.

Video Transcript

DOUG DUNBAR: Concerned homeowners say that a shooting at an Airbnb in Dallas over the weekend has once again highlighted the dangers of having short-term rentals in neighborhoods. Reporter Erin Jones now, with what they're doing to try and make sure that this never happens again.

- It was one of the most terrifying few minutes of my life.

ERIN JONES: This Dallas resident, who does not want to reveal his identity, says he's used to waking up to loud music and parties at the short-term rental in his neighborhood.

- Nothing like a wild shootout at 3:00 AM in the morning.

ERIN JONES: Dallas Police say they were called to this home in the 4400 block of Sycamore Street in Old East Dallas early Saturday morning, after someone called 911 reporting two men were arguing and one had started shooting at the other.

- I saw a man in a white t-shirt just shooting down the street-- like four, five, six times.

THOMAS CASTO: The cops were quick to come here, and I heard sirens pretty quick.

ERIN JONES: Police say when they arrived both men were gone. At this point, it appears no one was injured. It's unclear if police planned to pursue a criminal investigation.

JESSICA BLACK: Unfortunately, it's part of an ongoing pattern.

ERIN JONES: Jessica Black, one of the founding members of Moms against STRs, says in the last two years, she's tracked and researched more than 170 shootings at short-term rentals across the country.

JESSICA BLACK: As long as they are continuing to have these unsupervised short-term rentals with really not much vetting-- they can't verify the users are who they claim to be, that they run a background, that they verified a government ID, there's not always someone there to check ID and greet them when they get there-- these incidents are going to keep happening.

- I think they should be used more like a long-term rental.

ERIN JONES: The city of Dallas has been considering stricter regulations on short-term rental properties for more than a year and have come up with some possible options. They range from new requirements to banning short-term rentals in certain neighborhoods altogether.

Next month, the city will be hosting a short-term rentals public hearing where people can give their thoughts. City Council will not be debating on this issue. The city says that it would take at least a year to implement any changes.

In Dallas, Erin Jones, CBS11 News.