Novato Superintendent Responds To Vaccination Criticism

Gillian Smith
·1 min read

NOVATO, CA – The Novato schools superintendent has responded to concern from district educators that he received the COVID-19 vaccination before those who work in the classroom.

In a letter sent to staff on Monday, Superintendent of the Novato Unified School District Kris Cosca addressed the concerns about him receiving the vaccine.

On Jan. 17, Marin County held a large scale vaccination drive for Priority 1 educators and were able to vaccinate 1,248 educators. The initial priority doses were reserved for food workers, bus drivers and special education teachers.

According to Cosca, after the vaccination drive there were 200 doses prepared for distribution that would expire if they were not distributed by 4:30 p.m. that day.

Cosca said he received a text message from Marin County Public Health Officer Dr. Matt Willis and Marin County Office of Education Superintendent Mary Jane Burke that was sent to all county superintendents, encouraging them to go get vaccinated.

As an educator, Cosca said he was assured he was eligible to be vaccinated and was helping to make sure the doses did not go to waste.

"While I do not know everyone who was vaccinated with these extra doses (and will not speak to those who I do know as that is their personal medical information), I know that some of our classified staff, teaching staff and administrative staff were also vaccinated," Cosca said in the letter. "I also know that some members of each group were turned away."

Cosca said he plans to advocate for educators to continue to be in priority groups to receive the vaccine and that they are made aware of when extra doses are available.

This article originally appeared on the Novato Patch