New novel follows a midget, genius composer as he attempts to solve crimes transpiring in a group home for the mentally ill

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Kate Valery announces the publication of ‘Midget or Symphony of the Ocean’

WHITE ROCK, British Columbia, Jan. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Love and purity clash against malice and dirt in Kate Valery’s latest literary offering titled “Midget or Symphony of the Ocean” (published by Trafford Publishing)

In this novel, Jim Bogat — a midget and a genius composer — accidentally finds himself in a group home for mentally ill people. Being the only one person in his right mind in the house, he starts to notice strange things which that are happening around. He then decides to start his own investigation of those crimes, however Mona Lainer, the owner of the group home and a sexually obsessed, double-faced malicious criminal, is hell-bent on preventing Jim from discovering her dangerous secrets. She schemes a plot to steal page-by-page Jim’s “Symphony of the Ocean” to sham her daughter as genius composer. Can Jim, with the help of a young Ukrainian immigrant named Lada, uncover Mona’s crimes and turn his dream of performing his symphony into reality?

Written with an intensive adventurous plot, “Midget or Symphony of the Ocean” is a page-turning novel that seeks to break the stigma towards mentally ill and handicapped people in today’s society. It also presents the ever-living values and ideas of good and evil, talent and mediocrity, love and hatred, purity and foul, honesty and lies, willpower and weakness, hypocrisy and truth, punishment and crime, tragedy and sacrifices.

“I wanted to stress this idea — if someone is handicapped, it doesn't mean that he is useless for society, sometimes it is the opposite. He is extremely special genius and could do much more than other so called ‘normal’ people,” Valery states. “I also want them to gain more knowledge about immigrants and their value for modern society (as well as) believe that true love exists.”

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“Midget or Symphony of the Ocean”

By Kate Valery

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 576 pages | ISBN 9781698704180

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 576 pages | ISBN 9781698704166

E-Book | 576 pages | ISBN 9781698704173

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About the Author

Kate Valery is a professional musician and journalist. She graduated from Moscow Conservatory of Music, named after Tchaikovsky in Russia. She is working at International Moscow Radio as a journalist, correspondent, and also musical editor. She has traveled a lot around the world, especially Middle East, Europe and the USA. In 1996, she emigrated to Canada and worked there for many years as pianist, music teacher and editor of numerous Russian Newspapers in Edmonton, Alberta. Valery has authored several books in Russian and six books in English. She is now working on her seventh book in English titled “Clay Mask.”

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