November tax apportionment report shows decrease in tax revenues

Nov. 20—According to the City's October tax apportionment report, tax collections show that sales and use tax revenues for the City of Stillwater have decreased from the previous year.

Overall collections have been on a steady increase, but the October tax apportionment report shows that there has been a drop in revenues, despite the increase in other months revenues.

Use tax collection, the tax collected on goods without a sales tax or goods that are bought elsewhere and used in Stillwater, is the only revenue amount that has risen for the month of October. All other tax collections show a drop in revenues.

Use tax collection increased by 28.38 percent from the previous year, this is a $101,530 increase.

General sales tax collection, transportation sales tax collection and Stillwater Utilities Authority sales tax collection show a 2.22 percent decrease from the previous year. This is a decrease of $40,273 for general sales tax and a decrease of $20,137 for transportation sales tax and SUA sales tax.

Visitor tax collection, the 7 percent that visitors are taxed for lodging, also decreased from last year. This tax collection decreased by 12.18 percent, or $22,833.

Out of the five months that have had tax apportionment reports collected, September and October are the only two that have shown a decrease in tax revenues.