Now Hiring: Allied Universal

Allied Universal is a company that provides a wide range of security solutions to a long list of clients across the country and right here in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

Video Transcript

- Our Now Hiring segment aims to connect employers to their next potential new hires during this pandemic. A major security company says, they have all kinds of jobs, and they are now hiring for those right here in North Texas.

- Allied Universal provides all kinds of security solutions for a wide range of clients here across the US and the globe.

BRENDA STUDLEY: So we have a lot of specialty sectors that our security professionals are at. For example, higher education, financial institutions, health care, retail, homeowner's association, commercial real estate properties, also, government and corporate campuses.

- Brenda Studley is the Vice President of Recruiting for the company. She says, they have a large presence throughout all of North Texas, and the pandemic has not slowed any of their efforts for hiring. In fact, they currently need to hire about 150 jobs right here in the DFW.

- We are looking for unarmed security professionals, armed security officers, site supervisors, and also, secret clearance security professionals.

- Studley says, these jobs can be full time or part time. They can also serve as a great second job if that's what you're looking for. The jobs do vary in pay, and that depends on experience and on the assignment. But all of them are said to offer competitive wages and company benefits.

What kind of skill set do you think candidates need to come to the table with, or are you willing to train the right person?

- The nice thing is we're willing to train. We provide a lot of opportunities for people who are looking for a second career or different career options, so we provide training. We help you get your guard car license, because in the state of Texas, you do need to have a guard car license. So we provide that training and help you get that license.

- Once you're up and working, company officials say, you can chart your own path to growth within the company. In fact, they encourage those who want a place to grow from within to apply.

- Over 65% of our security professionals actually get into management positions and work their way up. We have regional presidents who started out as security professionals.

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