Now Hiring: BlueCrew

A DFW area company is using apps to help people land new jobs.

Video Transcript

- Our segment, Now Hiring, aims to connect employers to their next potential new hires during the pandemic. There's a company in DFW using apps on your phone and your laptops to help you land your new jobs.

Technology is at the center of Blue Crew's method to help you find your new job.

WHITNEY ALEXANDER: Blue Crew is a technology platform that makes finding high quality, reliable W2 to work easier than ever. Our platform connects hourly workers, we call them crew members, with local workplaces who are actively building and growing their workforces.

- Whitney Alexander is a North Texas account manager for the company. She says their app works very easy. First off, you create a profile with Blue Crew. The jobs are made available to you from any of their clients via their app system.

You choose who to go to work for, whether it's temporary or long term. And don't forget, Blue Crew will be your employer. They'll be the ones that pay you and offer benefits.

WHITNEY ALEXANDER: They have the benefits and protections everyone deserves, such as workers compensation, overtime pay, paid sick leave, options [INAUDIBLE] health care, the list goes on.

- As far as the job choices, it varies widely.

WHITNEY ALEXANDER: Things like warehouse picking packers, event staff, cleaning staff, janitors, retail workers, forklift drivers.

- What kind of people do you think really thrive in using this kind of a platform, this kind of a system to find jobs?

WHITNEY ALEXANDER: Really everyone, especially right now. We see any ages, any races, anything. Anybody can benefit.

- And the company says, there are jobs for different career levels.

WHITNEY ALEXANDER: We actually have anything from entry level to a little bit more step up. We actually have some supervisor positions and things like that as well.

- Well, folks we've made it very easy for you to find details for this job or any of the jobs that we've been featuring here are Now Hiring. Just go to our website,, and look for the Now Hiring logo. Best of luck to you.