Now Hiring: Capital One

Capital One Financial Corporation is an American bank holding company specializing in credit cards, auto loans, banking, and savings accounts.

Video Transcript

- Our segment "Now Hiring," aiming to connect employers to their next potential new hire during this pandemic. Now, Capital One says they have hundreds of new jobs that they need to fill right now. Ken Molestina explains in today's "Now Hiring."

KEN MOLESTINA: American bank holding giant Capital One says the pandemic has been challenging, but they've kept busy throughout and they've continued to grow their workforce.

JEN CARMICHAEL: We have been busy with ensuring the well-being of our associates and our customers. And with that, we have not paused in hiring. We have continued forward in hiring throughout, and just shifted to virtual hiring.

KEN MOLESTINA: Jan Carmichael is a senior recruiter for Capital One, and says most of their employees are working from home right now. And that includes all new hires as well. She explains they have hundreds of jobs they need to fill right now. So have a listen at the long list of positions the company is looking to hire for.

JEN CARMICHAEL: And they are ranging from a full spectrum, starting with our call center agents, as well as our business analysts, our product managers, our software engineers, our data engineers, data scientists, designers. We have product manager-- project managers, process managers, risk and compliance, business banking. So a full spectrum of jobs that we are trying to fill across multiple job families.

KEN MOLESTINA: The jobs are all full-time, and they come along with competitive pay and benefits that new hires are eligible for on their first day.

JEN CARMICHAEL: Full health, vision, dental, matching 401(k)s, paid vacation.

KEN MOLESTINA: Generous maternity and paternity leave is also included in the extensive benefits package.

What kind of people really are a good fit for the culture of your company?

JEN CARMICHAEL: Capital One is really looking for people with creative problem solving, insatiable curiosity, a passion and a commitment for really caring for our customers. Solid learning agility, results-focused, a strong technology lean. And then just individuals who really thrive in a collaborative work environment.

KEN MOLESTINA: If you're interested in applying, Carmichael reminds you that onboarding and your actual workday will all be virtual.

JEN CARMICHAEL: Everyone who joins us in a virtual environment goes through a first day, which is comprised of half a day of onboarding through our national program, and then starts to meet with their manager on day one.

KEN MOLESTINA: All right, folks, if you need any information on any of the jobs, the career fields, or the industry insider tips that we've been sharing on this segment, all you have to do is find the "Now Hiring" logo on our website page, Best of luck to you. I'm Ken Molestina.